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Whether on USA Network or the lecture circuit, author-columnist Kelso Sturgeon is recognized as a top authority on specialized venture capital with an unbroken 35 year record of success for clients big and small. He has been called on as an expert witness before the U.S. Congress and will be profiled in a forthcoming book on the "Founding Fathers" of the opportunity-seeking world.

"Money alone sets all the world in motion" Publilius Syrus

If you need money to build your future with, you are not going to do it with
Christmas bonuses, pension plans, penny stocks or lucky breaks. You need...

The Kelso Wins Seed Money Plan

If you've got the vision and the gumption, this SEED MONEY PROGRAM (Something Easy Every Day) is all you need to get started on the path to success. Learn how entrepreneur Kelso Sturgeon and his team are generating SEED MONEY with one of the FASTEST methods ever devised!

This may be the Offer of a Lifetime. And it's FREE!

Dear Friend,

Thank you for responding to my offer of S.E.E.D. MONEY - Something Easy Every Day. Maybe you've guessed where this letter is headed. But you have no idea how much money is waiting for you when you get there - so start reading!

I'm going to tell you:
Where to get the money, How to get the money, How much, How quickly, and Why it's possible

Some of what you read will be surprising, maybe mind- boggling. Yet every word - and every dollar - can be verified. For example, though our investment system is based on thousands of hours of intensive computer analysis, you don't have to own or use a computer. If you have a pencil and paper, you're ready for the first step. You could make money from Day One! Now I need to caution you about one thing...

My S.E.E.D. Money Program may require you to cast
aside some conventional notions about making money!

The times demand it. The economy showed a slight uptick in the latest quarter but personal incomes are still stagnant. We keep hemorrhaging good paying jobs to India. Gasoline prices are still 40¢ a gallon more than last year. Mortgage delinquencies and foreclosure rates are at a record high. So are bankruptcies, many of them triggered by exploding health care costs. The national debt is over 8 trillion!

With pension plans defaulting left, right and center - while CEO's get themselves a golden parachute - you can't trust the system any more. If you want seed money to build your future with, you are not going to do it with Christmas bonuses, pension plans, penny stocks or lucky breaks.

You're going to have to get the money yourself - and you're going to have to look outside the system to get it! And that's where I come in...

My name is Kelso Sturgeon. I am the author of a dozen books and thousands of articles, all on the subject of gaming. Yes, gaming. I have been so successful at it I have been profiled in the Wall Street Journal and Playboy. So successful I am the only person ever invited to appear before the U.S. Congress as an expert witness on the subject.

Because the odd truth of the matter is, if you are successful at gaming, it must be because you're not gambling! And I have been consistently successful for better than thirty-five years. I have outearned the Dow Jones, the Lipper Analytic and the Wilshire Index. On any given day I can sit down over my morning coffee and in twenty minutes or less - merely by consulting readily available information - can target investment opportunities like these at any race track in the country - and collect my winnings the same day!

J7 Belmont 5th race Navesink W 7.10 (RC5)
  8th race Mariensky W 8.10 (RC1)
Churchill Downs 4th race Music By The Sea W 29.00 (RC5)
Hollywood 8th race Quero Quero W 22.60 (RC1)
Monmouth 11th race Special Way W 7.80 (RC1)
    Pvt Henbane 2nd 5.20 (RC5)
Exacta paid 45.00
J11 Churchill Downs 5th race Glacier Point W 33.60 (RC5)
      World Tour 2nd 47.40 (RC5)
Exacta paid 1,416.80
10th race Northern Catch W 4.40 (RC5)

Yes, those are TRACK earnings - and I never had to go near a race track to get them! Furthermore those payoffs are based on $2 wagers. If I had made $10 trades, I would have won five times as much. If I had bet $20 - my usual investment - the payoffs would have been ten times as much. - i.e., $15,806 in one day. That is money - all off an investment of maybe $100!

Okay so it doesn't happen every day or even most days, but it DOES happen. Even if you have "so so" days that pull your average down to where you make "only" $60 or $120 or $84 net profit - you are still way, way ahead of the game. Most important, you are way ahead of where you are now.

Okay, do I have your interest? Would you like to know more about this kind of winning (and what all those RC's at the top mean)? Then let me tell you about "THE COFFEE BREAK MILLIONAIRE."

"CBM" is the joint brainchild of myself and a talented amateur handicapper named Bill Winn (real name Wyzniewski, but nobody could ever spell it right so he changed it.) Bill had wangled an introduction to me through a mutual friend. He needed to see an expert. He developed a handicapping method completely on his own - from scratch, mind you. The method actually worked and was making him money. But common sense told him if a savvy "old pro" like Kelso Sturgeon had a whack at it, his method might break through to the next level.

He was right. I looked at his method and I was wowed. Some of his handicapping steps were not perfect. Some of the conditions he set forth were incomplete or a little off the mark. Some of his rules were too strict and some to slack - hardly surprising when you consider that Bill's whole approach had been developed during his morning coffee break!

But he was so absolutely right about the BASICS - especially in what he had to say about RACING CYCLES - that I felt this system, given the right fixes, could turn out to be something unique: not just a "reliable" breadwinner for the veteran - but an easy-to-use formula that NEWCOMERS could pick up on very quickly and make money with for the rest of their lives!

I TOLD BILL EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE JUST SAID TO YOU. We high-fived on the spot, shook hands and got to work. I went over his entire method point by point. I showed him how to tighten his conditions. We completely eliminated personal judgment from all decision making. And we threw out all the fine points - there would be no time. We had both agreed to retain the original premise that a newcomer - with no prior experience, should be able to use this method to pick a full card of contending horses before his coffee got cold! This was in keeping with the S.E.E.D. MONEY idea: Something Easy Every Day! And that is what I offer you now.

From chapter one you'll fall right into a comfort zone!

In less than an hour's reading time COFFEE BREAK MILLIONAIRE reduces all the complexities of thoroughbred
handicapping to five easy-to-recognize racing cycles. If a horse fits one of those cycles you have a bet. If it doesn't, you don't. There's no equivocation. No guesswork. No judgment We explain what each cycle is, how it works and why it works, and give you plenty of sample races so you can gain confidence.

You don't need speed ratings or form sheets. The cycles take care of those 2 factors automatically.

  • ?You don't have to know whether the stable or trainer are planning something special! "Stable intent" obsesses many full time players but your cycles alone tell you when the horse is ready for a special effort.
  • ? You don't have to know about distance switches, conditioning races or moves in class. The rules take care of all this!
  • ? You don't need "inside information." (In fact it could be misleading since trainers are often deluded by wishful thinking)
  • ? All you need to know you can find in the Daily Racing Form® and you can get it all down before your morning coffee is cold!

Think of it: only 3 or 4 conditions and they're all in the form. There's no math.
No figuring. No personal judgment. Just follow the rules and in less than a minute
you've identified the "investment" that's going to give you a same-day payoff!

Our method may be simple, but as you can see from above, there's no shortage of winners. The method itself covers two or three races at every track every day. With simulcasting you can win as much as you want!

In fact, "CBM" is so fast and easy you can cover several tracks on one day and thereby multiply your chances of finding profitable investments!

And the method's money management tells you how to determine which are your best bets.

EVEN WHEN YOU DON'T CATCH THE WINNER, OUR RACING CYCLES FIND YOU WELL CONDITIONED HORSES THAT FINISH IN THE MONEY. Like any smart fund manager, CBM focuses on Return On Investment and shows you how to take advantage of "disequilibrium prices" where odds on a second or third place finish can give you more bang for your investment dollar than a win bet - like $1,632 on a third-place finisher. (See page 157.) You can do the same!

CBM GIVES YOU ALL YOU NEED TO WIN. You'll enjoy our easy-to-read explanations of all five Racing Cycles. The system makes so much sense that even if you've never been near a racetrack, you'll know exactly how YOU can start picking winners. And please don't be intimidated by its 175 pages. Most of the book's length is taken up with past performance data so that if you want to look up any one of our 32 example races and track down exactly how we arrived at our investment decision, you can do so.

If there's still any question in your mind... TRY COFFEE BREAK MILLIONAIRE AND PLAY THE RACES ON PAPER! Pick a track. Use the method exactly as if you were really betting but do not wager a single cent. Just make note of your selections - then see how much you would have made had you wagered!

ONCE YOU SEE THOSE JUICY PAYOFFS - YOU'LL AGREE IT'S THE BEST NEWS THAT EVER CAME DOWN THE PIKE! And all you need is a telephone or access on-line. You don't even have to leave the house.

THE SECOND BEST NEWS IS THAT CBM IS FREE! All we ask is that you send us $10.95 to cover postage and handling. Bill is forgoing present profits and I'm incurring a loss. That's how confident we BOTH are that CBM will put fresh new money in your pocket every week and encourage you to move up the Ladder of Success. When you reach Step 2 of the S.E.E.D. MONEY PROGRAM, you'll meet even more amazing moneymakers like my Profit Maximizer, the Penny System or the Equalizer!

And you'll be getting toll free 800 support every step of the way. I WILL NOT LET YOU LOSE. I intend to keep moving you up that ladder until you have reached that $100,000 plateau - then we'll take it from there!

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